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PJO Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization (charity) dedicated to IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) deployment. Based on the works of a young network engineer named Peter Jin, the mission of the PJO Foundation is to bring IPv6 into every corner of the Internet, so that other young network engineers, home labbers, and other consumer markets can enjoy the luxury of IPv6 at a price anyone can afford, as well as education on BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), the routing protocol of the Internet, even if their internet providers don't support them.

This is especially true right now in light of COVID-19. Many network engineers are unable to go to their data centers to practice their networking skills, so we want to bring the capabilities of data center networks right into the comfort of their own homes.

It all started when Peter tried to get some participants in a Zoom meeting to visit his IPv6-only website. It was IPv6-only not by choice, but rather the unique structure of the website forced it to become IPv6-only. Peter could see the contents of Genesis 1:1 without any problem, but everyone else complained. In Peter's words, "I will never forget these five words: 'The server cannot be found', because I thought that everyone had IPv6 at home. I was terribly wrong."

This organization was also inspired by the community of network engineers who happen to operate their own personal BGP autonomous systems, Many of them appear to be located in Europe and Asia, with only a few networks located in the United States. We also serve the general "home lab" community, allowing them to make simple, yet functionally intricate networks that take advantage of unique features in this new protocol.

The organization is not yet incorporated, as we need to find another board member who is interested in IPv6 deployment. Email peter [at] if interested.

Detailed business plans can be found here.